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ദശ കൂപ സമ വാപി ദശ വാപി സമോ ഹ്രദ ദശഹ്രദ സമ; പുത്ര : ദശപുത്ര; സമോ ദ്രുമ : (പത്തു കിണര്‍ ഒരു കുളത്തിന് സമം; പത്തു കുളം ഒരു തടാകത്തിനു സമം. പത്തു തടാകം ഒരു പുത്രന് സമം. പത്തു പുത്രന്മാര്‍ ഒരു മരത്തിനു സമം.) [വൃക്ഷ സങ്കല്പവും,വൃക്ഷങ്ങളുടെ പ്രാധാന്യവും വെളിവാക്കുന്ന വൃക്ഷ ആയുര്‍വേദത്തിലെ വിഖ്യാതമായ ഒരു ശ്ലോഖം ആണ് മുകളില്‍] ജലം അമൂല്യമാണ്.. , പ്രകൃതിയുടെ വരദാനമാണ് . . ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ നില തുടര്ന്നാല് 2025 ഓടെ കേരളം കുടിവെള്ളക്ഷാമം രൂക്ഷമായി അനുഭവപ്പെടുന്ന ഒരു സംസ്ഥാനമായി മാറും . അതൊഴിവാക്കാന് ഓരോ തുള്ളി ജലവും പാഴാക്കാതിരിക്കാന് നാം പ്രതിന്ജ്ഞ ബദ്ധരായെ മതിയാകൂ .. മാര്ച്ച് 22 ലോക ജല ദിനം"

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Mother Feeds ! Cattle Feed information for kennel lovers !

Damodar mills Mother Feeds was established in the year 12th. December. 1999 by Mr. V.D Sumithran, as a leading manufacturing company for Cattle, Poultry, Goat and Rabbit feeds. The leading feature of our company is that the proprietor Mr.V.D.Sumithran himself realized the potential of product in the market. Before commencing this manufacturing unit he was having more than 15 years of cattle feeds Agency Business experience of all leading animal food supplements in India. We made a remarkable industrial growth and have carved out a strong niche in the domestic markets through his untiring & dedicated efforts. We, as a proprietary business unit, was registered in the year January 2000. Now we have successfully completed 10 years of manufacturing and distribution of quality cattle feeds. We procure the Raw Materials from the non polluted and healthy suburban areas of South India. We also developed an organized material handling system for the requirements of raw materials. Our determination and focus on the quality policy help us to remain successful in supplying the best quality animal feeding products by meeting the needs of our clients spread over India. Our transparent deals, timely delivery, safe transportation and supreme quality products have contributed a lot in our success. The belief and goodwill of our huge customer base have been the reason in establishing long lasting business relationships with numerous clients in India.  
We offer animal feed products which are thoroughly hygienic and safe for animals and cattle. We always driven by high ethical standards in our practices & strive to meet the varied requirements of our clients. The Finance department tries to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system by providing the financial results to the concern and suggest them for suitable improvement actions in the monthly performance review meeting. We make sure that the products we supply are manufactured from the finest quality raw materials. For this purpose all our products undergo strict quality tests. We focus mainly on customer satisfaction and take out sound business policies and transparent transactions to become an ideal sourcing destination for all kinds of animal feeding products.  for more details click here


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